Autoshifts, M-Drives and I-Shifts

We have the tools and experience to work on most heavy and medium-duty automated transmissions. In most cases, it’s best to send us the whole vehicle, unless you have the ability to diagnose the codes yourself, and you’re certain the problem lies within the transmission itself.

We can work on Fuller/Eaton Autoshift transmissions, Mack M-Drive and Volvo I-Shifts. If you do bring us the vehicle, please do not clear the codes. Those codes, even inactive ones, can help us diagnose the problem.

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First Three Things to Check When Investigating a Vibration

We get a lot of trucks in our shop that have an ongoing vibration problem. Many times, the customer has already changed several parts looking to fix the problem.

Here are the most common causes of drive train vibration:

  1. Improper airbag adjustment
  2. Worn U-joints or hanger bearings
  3. Worn end yokes on transmissions, differentials or drive lines.

Transmission Work and Speedometers

Many drivers expect a rebuilt transmission will mean that speedometer that hasn’t worked for months will finally get fixed.

Exchange transmissions normally don’t come with any speedometer parts, so the problem may
persist, even with another transmission.

We often find the speedometer drive gears (also called the exciter gear) and speedometer sensors in transmission exchange cores when they arrive in our shop.

Both the speedometer drive gear and sensor must be switched from the old transmission to the new, and because they are often reused, you speedometer might still be broken.